Work and experiments

Inventor @ Zewik LLC


Zewik, LLC is a nimble design firm in the state of Rhode Island focused on creating and licensing disruptive Intellectual property for all markets.  Our current project  the Quadrecline™ Hammock  in development at AFFOA/MIT

LTA Experiments and flight

Independent enlightenment Zachary's  home built ultralight solar hybrid HAB with skywalker harness.

Aerostatic buoyancy is the principal that lifted the first person to overcome gravity. It continues to bring awe and value to our world.

Experimental construction


The materials we use and the structures we create stagnate, even as the limits of our species' capabilities grow.  It is critical to my practice as a user of technology to stir reality. 



In partnership with Pneuhaus 

Sky dogs

Gurgy free flight African Raven Hybrid

Behavioral and technological solutions for free flight avian companions

Design build consultation


  For a time I have said YES to taking on special projects, with this experience I have developed a variety of specialties and research methodologies. I am always open to brainstorming creative projects and consulting on commercial endeavors.